Stuzzichine Mozzarella 11 gr. (tray 200 gr.)

Casa Radicci/Small Sizes/Stuzzichine Mozzarella 11 gr. (tray 200 gr.)

Stuzzichine Mozzarella 11 gr. (tray 200 gr.)

The maximum creative expression of our brand, specialized in the production of fresh spun paste cheeses, is the wide line related to Mozzarella Fior di Latte.

Considered as the “top reference” branded Caseificio Pugliese, it gushes fresh milk at each taste and is produced according to the ancient Apulian recipe.

By the unique consistency and the peculiar white porcelain color, Mozzarella Fior di Latte is produced each day with passion by the skilled hands of experienced cheese makers in synergy with the most advanced technology.

Undisputed synonyms for “Made in Italy” food excellence, Mozzarella Fior di Latte cannot miss on food lovers tables.

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  • Energy value 952 kJ - 229 Kcal
  • Fat 18 g
  • of which saturated fatty acids 12 g
  • Carbohydrates 1 g
  • of which sugars 0
  • Protein 17 g
  • Salt 1 g

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Pasta Filata Cheese