CARLO RADICCI – Chief Executive Officier

Casa Radicci, historical Italian brand for fresh soft and stretched cheese, is among the leaders in dairy market. Casa Radicci focuses its philosophy on three elements: experience, goodness and quality.

Furthermore, passion, tradition and innovation are the values that distinguish us and that can be tasted throughout our 3 brand-production: Caseificio Pugliese, Conrado, Spega. For over 50 years, we boast a strongly consolidated experience, a technological contribution along with a highly skilled and innovative research and development activity.

100% Italian milk from Piedmont stables (as regards cow milk) and Lombard and Piedmont stables (as regards goat milk), lactic ferments, rennet and salt represent our unique raw material, carefully selected, certified and transformed daily into cheese through a rigorous short supply chain system.

From the milk collected every day, our products are realized daily and distributed throughout Italy and foreign market.



Simona Radicci – Executive Marketing Manager

Our Company challenge consists in transforming milk, keeping its naturalness and simplicity, to ensure quality cheese and offer an authentic and fresh taste. The result is a range of cheeses with a strong personality and consistently in line with the consumer expectations.

The strengths that drive our mission are high quality of the raw material and final products, transparency in trade relations, the attention and respect toward consumers.

We are always open to new ideas and proposals, stimulus and challenges: an attitude that gives life to the magical balance between tradition and innovation. This is what make us unique and immediately recognizable.



The Quality Departement

Quality, for us, is not an abstract concept, but a choice that we renew every day and it manifests itself in three shades.

Everything starts with the selection of the raw material, the soul of our products, undisputed source of taste and authenticity. We transform exclusively 100% Italian daily milk, coming from selected and certified Piedmont stables – that breed purebred Friesian cows, queens in the highest quality milk production – and from Piedmont and Lombardy goat farms, breeding mainly Saanen and Camosciata.

Then, quality in processing, which is based on experience and passion that distinguish two generations of professionals. Craftsmanship and technology coexist thanks to the effort of experts that process milk manually even today and to the support of advanced industrial machinery. Milk, lactic ferments, 100% Italian and not derived from genetically modified microorganism give rise to a blaze of flavors and aromas; rennet, Italian as well and not GMO and the finest quarry fine salt complete our products, keeping unchanged its flavor. Any additives are banned, with a view to goodness and genuineness.

Finally, quality in relations, as confirmed by the clarity, transparency and honesty that outline the common thread of our company policy, to protect and enhance partners, buyer and consumers.



The Quality department team

Our company is always looking for the quality that only a short chain, controlled and certified, can provide.

The process that turns milk into our cheeses begins in the over 40 stables selected in Piedmont where is bred the best dairy cattle: the Friesian bred. Nutrition and feed quality are the key elements to obtain milk at the highest level: for this reason, we feed our cows with mixed dry feed as cotton, soybean, corn and hay.

With Spega brand, cow milk production chain has been improved with goat milk, the first controlled and certified in Italy, for processing into cheese. We have carefully selected over 10 stables that typically for breed Saanen and Camosciata purebred goats, the best for the production of a tasty milk by the excellent nutritional values.

As cow also goats are fed with dry feed, mainly composed by hay, corn, cotton.

The cattle and goat farms localization guarantees a daily availability of fresh milk into our factory: we feel its scent and freshness every day, in a multisensory experience of smells, tastes and emotions.




The process leading from milk pasteurization in polyvalent “tanks” to fresh cheeses salting and aged cheeses maturation sees the skilled hands of our cheese makers operating in synergy with the most advanced technology, in a happy combination between craft and industrial activities.

Advances plants and machinery constantly monitor the quality parameters that we always intend, to guarantee to our customers an absolute food safety.

To confirm this, after milk has been analysed, our expert cheesemakers set masterfully the optimal ingredients dosages and start the transformation process where just the human hand can assure quality, goodness and genuineness. During the basic production phases the machine stops and waits for the approval by the cheesemaker, who, with parental attention, constantly watches over the correct procedure and makes any necessary changes.

The best of milk (Lactose free)

Want to be free? Just taste our Lactose free Mozzarella Fior di Latte!. Casa Radicci offers a wide lactose free cheese range just for you. These products are obtained with simplier sugars and are all easier to digest. You can taste all the goodness of milk, whenever you want!


A passion that has been passed down from two generations, today as yesterday to tomorrow.

Carlo Radicci

Our recipies

Do you want something new? Casa Radicci has selected some tasty recipes to easily prepare whenever you want.